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NAHA Code of Ethics   NAHA 的道德規範標準


Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality aromatherapy service to those who seek their professional service. 展現熱誠,致力於提供最優質的芳療服務給有專業服務需求的人

1.2 Conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in relation to my clients, fellow aromatherapists & colleagues and the general public so as to comply with the highest standards of moral behavior & integrity and to uphold the dignity and status of my profession under all circumstances. 以專業倫理的態度自我規範與客戶、芳療師同業、同事以及大眾之間的關係,遵循最高標準的道德行為與操守,在任何情況下都要維護我專業的尊嚴與地位
1.3 Share professional knowledge, research, and experiences with fellow aromatherapists and colleagues to support the advancement of aromatherapy. 與其他芳療師及同事分享專業知識,研究成果和經驗,以支持芳香療法的發展
1.4 Treat clients in accordance with holistic principles (Recommend treatment based upon the specific needs of the client.) and render professional services for no other purposes than the total well being of my clients. 以符合整全療法的原則來對待客戶(針對每位客戶的特定需求來推薦治療方法),提供專業服務的唯一的目的是為了我的客戶的整體福祉
1.5 Educate clients in the quality and availability of true aromatherapy products and services. 教育客戶真正芳香療法產品與服務的品質與可用性
1.6 Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving clients. 絕對不與客戶發生任何性行為或性關係
1.7 Recognize that my primary obligation is always to the client and agree to practice Aromatherapy to the best of my ability for my client's benefit. My client's comfort, welfare and health must always have priority. 確實認知我的首要義務永遠是針對客戶,並且同意以我最好的實力從事芳香療法以博取我的客戶的最大利益。我的客戶的舒適度、福祉和健康必須永遠擺在第一位
1.8 Provide clients with informed consent/disclosure statement and information that includes training, certification, scope of practice, payment structure, benefits, limitations and expectations of both the practitioner and client. 讓客戶清楚了解同意書/聲明與以下資訊:訓練、認證、執業範圍、付款結構、福利、限制,以及業者與客戶雙方面的期望
1.9 Endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times by providing the highest quality of service and I shall undertake continuing education and improve upon my Aromatherapy skills and professional standards whenever possible. 任何時候都必須提供最高品質的服務,並且盡可能不斷接受再教育以及提升我的芳香療法技術和專業度,以力圖讓我的客戶得到最大的利益
1.10 Provide services within the scope and the limits of my training. I will not employ techniques for which I have not had adequate training and shall represent my education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly. I shall acknowledge the limitations of my skills and when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate qualified professionals. 我只提供我受訓所學範圍內的服務。我不會使用我還沒有受過足夠訓練的技術,並且必須誠實揭露我所擁有的知識與技能;只要有必要,我也必須讓客戶去諮詢適當而夠格的專業人士
1.11 Not diagnose, prescribe or provide any service, which requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed to do. 除非獲得特別許可,否則絕對不從事任何需要具備執照才能執行的診斷、配藥或提供任何服務
1.12 Maintain client confidentiality and not divulge to anyone the findings I acquire during consultation, or in the course of professional recommendations, without my clients consent except when required by law. 維護客戶的祕密,除非法律要求,否則絕對不把我在諮詢客戶時或進行專業建議時所得到的客戶資訊透露給第三者
1.13 Support other Consultants at all time and shall never criticize, condemn or otherwise denigrate other Consultants in the presence of a client or other lay persons. 任何時候都要支持其他的諮詢專家,並且永遠不當著客戶或其他非專業人士的面前批評、譴責或詆毀其他諮詢專家
1.14 Respect the rights of other healthcare professionals and aromatherapists and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner. 尊重其他保健專家與芳療師的權利,並且以友善且專業的態度與所有保健專家合作
1.15 Where another Consultant refers a client to me, I shall return such clients to the original Consultant when the specified recommendation is completed. I will not denigrate another Consultants recommendations. 其他諮詢專家把客戶介紹給我,我在做完特定建議後就應該把這位客戶交回原諮詢專家的手上。我絕對不詆毀其他諮詢專家所做的建議

Not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of Aromatherapy and shall actively participate in educating the public regarding the actual benefits of True Aromatherapy. 我絕不做出關於芳香療法潛在利益的錯誤聲明,並且會積極參與教育大眾,讓他們認識真正芳香療法的實際好處

1.17 Not give guarantees regarding the results of any recommendations, nor exploit a client for financial gain through inferences or misrepresentation of any sort. 不對任何建議的結果做出保證,也絕不藉由干預或誤導任何事情來利用客戶謀取利益
1.18 Practice honesty in advertising, promote my services ethically and in good taste, and practice and or advertise only those skills for which I have received adequate training or certification. 誠實作廣告,有道德、有品味地提倡我的服務,並且只執行或廣告推銷我受過足夠訓練或經過認證的那些技術
1.19 Maintain my premises in a hygienic condition, and ensure that my premises offer my Clients sufficient privacy. 保持我的場所的衛生,並且確保我的場所能夠充份保護我的客戶們的隱私
1.20 Maintain complete records of each Client, including specific details of my recommendations. 保留每一位客戶的完整記錄,包括我建議事項的特定細節

Refrain from the use of any mind-altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to or during a professional Aromatherapy consultation or while representing the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. 在進行專業芳香療法諮詢之前或期間,或代表全國整全芳香療法協會的時候,絕對不碰任何會讓心性改變的藥物、酒、或麻醉品

1.22 Dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as the attire suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice. 穿著打扮要符合專業形象,適當的穿著才會被視為是妥當的打扮,並且符合大眾公認的專業實踐態度
1.23 Represent a united front to the public and refrain from criticism of colleagues either in writing or verbally before clients or the general public. 代表整體同業來面對大眾,並且絕對不在客戶或一般大眾面前以書面或口頭的方式來批評同事
1.24 Shall, upon being found to have transgressed any of the By-laws of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and/or this Code of Ethics voluntarily surrender and return my membership certificate to the Association. 如被發現有違反全國整全芳香療法協會的法規,和/或此道德準則的行為時,必將自首並且將我的會員證歸還給學會

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