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/ 2020/07/01

Lockdown Dairy part 1
We have been impressed with how many of you have changed your working practices during lockdown. 
Read how inspirational IFPA member Mandy Pitcher has adapted her business during this pandemic, which has enabled her to continue to support her clients.
“As we entered lockdown my first sadness was that I would miss my passion, but even more so my clients. When you have client contact every day and then it suddenly stops, well it just felt plain odd. After some time had passed, I decided to contact each and every client to say hi and ask them if there was anything that I could do for them. That is when I became busy. They wanted blends for self-care at home. The response was heart-warming. The oils brought comfort - many said that it brought back memories of being in my treatment room. I deliver their blends on my daily walk or they collect them from me on their walks. It is so special to see them, from a distance of course. I offer free postage to those further away. My products became even more popular and bespoke orders flew in, so I created an online shop.
As word got around, I began to offer an online bespoke consultation service for new clients.
I then started virtual face-to-face meetings; a catch up and to address any issues that my clients are going through at the current time.
I’ve missed giving treatments so much, but I really feel that I’ve been able to offer my clients support in other ways.”

Lockdown Dairy part 1
了解IFPA鼓舞人心的曼迪·皮徹(Mandy Pitcher)在這場疫情期間如何調整自己的業務,從而使她能夠繼續為客戶提供支持。

Lockdown Diary Part 2 
IFPA member Beth Lynbeck is part of the multi-disciplinary complementary therapy team at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff. She tells us about how her team adapted their work to support the centre’s clinical team during the pandemic.
“We are a patient focused service, supporting patients through their cancer diagnosis and treatment in various settings, including inpatients, chemotherapy day units and radiotherapy appointments.
During the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic we recognised that we had to be innovative in how we offer support, whilst adhering to government and professional bodies’ guidelines. Delivering hands on treatments was no longer appropriate and it became apparent that we needed to adapt and evolve how we offer support.
Working within the NHS during this pandemic has highlighted that staff wellbeing is of paramount importance.  Working alongside the Clinical Psychology Team we set-up a staff Relax and Recharge Hub. The building had to meet infection and control standards, but still have the feeling of comfort. We created a safe, calming, peaceful environment using aromatherapy and calming music.
‘This place is such an incredible environment where I can clear my head and recharge’ (clinical team member)
For 10 weeks the team offered the clinical staff a soothing, calming space where they could take time out to relax and recharge. 
On average 70 members of staff visited the hub daily. Aromatherapy was very popular and we give lots of guidance about essential oils.
Diffusers proved particularly popular, promoting us to devise blends specifically for these unprecedented times.
‘This has been relaxing in these troubling times, a place of quiet and rest’ (clinical team member)
We researched essential oils for each blend, which were chosen for generally recognised therapeutic properties. We developed several blends, so staff members could choose  individual blends that they found appealing. We named each blend using phrases staff had used, normalising the struggles most of us were dealing with. For example “Cloud Watching” is an uplifting, grounding blend to help refocus the mind and take time out. “Mountain Breeze” has a refreshing aroma to help clear the mind. 
We also, sadly, developed a grief blend following the passing of a beloved NHS staff member. 
A lot of staff found it a great comfort during that sad time.
We encouraged staff to use the aromatherapy inhaler sticks with breathing techniques whenever they felt overwhelmed, to help calm them and bring them back to the present moment. Over the ten weeks we made approx 300 aromatherapy inhaler sticks for staff. We also continued to support our patients by regularly checking in with them over the telephone, giving self-care advise and posting aromatherapy inhaler sticks.
‘It is so important to take time to look after ourselves so we can look after others’ (clinical team member)
Our team have been exceptional during such an uncertain and frightening time for everyone. We continued to support staff and patients by constantly adapting our roles, embracing change and working proactively.’
‘The opportunity to have some peace and serenity among all the uncertainty has been invaluable, thank you’ (clinical team member)
Have you been able to adapt how you work during the pandemic? If so, we’d love to hear from you!
Lockdown Diary Part 2
IFPA成員Beth Lynbeck是卡地夫Velindre癌症中心多學科輔助治療團隊的一員。她告訴我們,在疫情期間,她的團隊如何調整工作以支持中心的臨床團隊。
例如,“ Cloud Watching”是一種振奮人心,重新聚焦,可以幫助您集中精力並節省更多時間。“ Mountain Breeze”具有令人耳目一新的香氣,可幫助清除心靈雜質。
花時間照顧自己很重要, 這樣我們才能照顧別人 (臨床團隊成員)
有機會在所有的不確定性中擁有一些平靜和寧靜是無價的, 謝謝。 (臨床團隊成員)

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